PM Juice

How to drink PM juice.


Before I learn how to drink PM juice,

I should buy PM juice first, right?

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How to drink PM juice.


The notice regarding the purchase of PM Juice. Now that I’ve checked it out, Let me introduce how to drink juice.

As PM Juice’s popularity grows, If you’re curious about how to eat it, I think there are a lot of people.

First of all, about the Auto-ship…

I’ll explain it to you.~

What is PM juice Autoship?

Autoship is about power cocktails and restorations. After promising to eat for 3 months, I’m going to get a 10% discount and make it cheaper.

You can buy the product at a reasonable price. If you buy it through Autoship, You can use the product for 120,000 won!

The reason why 3 months is important is that…

For cells to change, It’s because you need about three months. That’s why the auto-ship period is 3 months!

When it comes to how to drink PM juice, It’s 6,500 won cheaper for 3 months. The way to eat it is through Autoship. 3 months’ worth of products will arrive in the first month of purchase. Only one auto-ship per person.

I hope it will have a faster effect.

If there are people who want it, I added 3 bottles of Activize to Autoship. With the auto-ship configuration, let’s move on to Activize.

I recommend eating a whole bottle a month. For those who only took Autoship, For those who ate extra activities, There’s a big difference when you compare it! The most effective way to drink PM juice is…

I think it’s the most basic power cocktail. I think it’s a combination of restorations.

pm juice

PM Juice Power cocktail

It’s good to eat as a substitute for breakfast. Power Cocktail is an all-in-one product. On a busy morning, I’m going to eat a lot of nutrients

Digestive enzymes, dietary fiber, and lactobacillus. You can eat it all at once. You can put 1 packet in 200ml of water. Vitamin A/C/E and B. 10 types of fiber. It’s a nutritious product with back in it.~


For dinner and before going to bed, the restorative… It’s rich in minerals, calcium, and magnesium. It’s good for detox, diet, and good night’s

You can mix it with 40ml of water. If you eat it while holding it in your mouth, even your teeth… It’s a product that can help you!


Activize, which you can eat frequently on an empty stomach, Power cocktail, or lukewarm water. It’s good to mix 2 or 3 spoons. It may have a niacin-plash effect.

Today, I’m going to talk about how to drink PM juice. We took a closer look. Based on the combinations and methods I taught you,

I recommend that you try eating it.

If you need more information, 피엠쥬스.com



Sleep health

What about sleep health?

Sleep health, I summarized it in a table, but to explain it more simply, you can think of alpha waves as brain waves secreted in stressful situations that help improve sleep.

​Health functional food ingredients used to relieve insomnia are known to affect alpha wave secretion. 약사마케터

It’s a healthy functional food that helps improve sleep.


1)Melatonin for sleep health


​Have you ever heard of those who often go abroad saying, “I slept well because I bought and ate melatonin from overseas drug stores” because it was difficult to adjust to the time difference?

​Melatonin is the most representative ingredient for sleep disorders.

​However, melatonin is classified as a prescription drug in Korea. I’ve been working at a hospital pharmacy for more than 10 years, and the most representative melatonin product prescribed by the hospital is Seo Cardin’s Seobangjeong.

Since it is a prescription drug, it cannot be purchased without a prescription, so you need to get a prescription through medical treatment.


​2)Tryptophan: The raw material of melatonin.

sleep healthSince melatonin is a specialized drug, tryptophan is an ingredient that can be used to improve sleep in healthy functional foods. Tryptophan is an amino acid that is a precursor to melatonin, or a raw material of melatonin.

​If you look at the picture below, it will be easier to understand.

Melatonin production process.

As such, you can see that tryptophan is converted into 5-HTP and serotonin to finally become melatonin, and you can see why vitamins B5, B6, B12, magnesium, and vitamin C should be taken together, right?

​This is because tryptophan is an auxiliary factor necessary for the process of converting into melatonin. Therefore, if you choose a product containing auxiliary vitamins and minerals in the tryptopopop product, you can get help in improving sleep. 병원광고


​​3)Theanine for sleep health: Green tea extract


​Theanine is also a healthy functional food ingredient that has become famous these days for sleep health

L-theanine extracted from green tea is known to help sleep and has been certified as a functional ingredient that “can help relieve tension caused by stress.”

​You should take 200 to 250 mg of L-theanine for help with insomnia.

​Theanine has a very similar structure to L-glutamic acid, which is a substance that awakens the brain. Therefore, Theanine acts on glutamic acid receptors to prevent the brain from awakening and induce the secretion of alpha waves to help you sleep well.

​It also acts as an NMDA acceptor partial agonist, which has the effect of helping depression and anxiety caused by stress.

​Some people feel headaches when taking Theanine for a long time, and be careful when drinking caffeine-containing drinks such as coffee, black tea, and green tea.

​In addition, it has the effect of lowering blood pressure, so it is recommended that people who take blood pressure medications watch the changes in blood pressure.

​In particular, exercise cannot be overemphasized, but many people know exercise is important, but it seems difficult to practice it.

Please refer to the following


Sleeping improvement. : How many hours is the best time to sleep a day?

About Sleeping improvement.


Sleeping improvement. This is one of the questions that I hear a lot around me. It means there are a lot of people who can’t sleep well, right?

​The ideal sleep time is known to be about 8 hours a day (one-third of the day). But in reality, how many modern people can sleep eight hours? 병원마케팅

​There are many factors around you that interfere with sleep, mental/physical stress, and busy work, so I think most people go to bed every day. (Even if I’m behind in work, it’s often past midnight.) ​

If we continue to maintain irregular sleep times for such a long time, the balance of hormones in our body will be broken, and the quality of life will gradually decrease due to insomnia and sleep disorders.

​Today, two pharmacists will learn more about sleep and introduce only three of the products that help Sleeping improvement.


​Principle of Sleeping improvement.


1)Hormones that are involved in sleep.


​There are people who fall asleep as soon as they lie down because they’re tired, right? They can say that the secretion of hormones involved in sleep is going smoothly.

​There are three hormones involved in sleep: serotonin, melatonin, and cortisol. Serotonin, which was secreted during the day, turns into melatonin at night to induce sleep, and cortisol is secreted in the morning to wake up again.

​These three hormones must be secreted smoothly to sleep well and improve sleep, which has a characteristic that changes very greatly due to our mental state and emotional ups and downs.

​In particular, people’s stress levels have increased very much since COVID-19, and they have lived in an environment that increases the level of stress in the body, such as anxiety about the future, changes in working patterns caused by telecommuting, and the news of a surge in the number of confirmed patients every day.

​Perhaps that’s why I feel that there are so many people who complain of sleeplessness among those who come to the pharmacy.


​2)Types of sleep.


REM sleep.

A shallow sleep stage where you dream and remember. It accounts for 20% of all sleep. Relieving mental fatigue.

NON REM sleep.

Sleep stage that’s deep into sleep. It accounts for 80% of all sleep. Rejuvenating energy, recovering from physical fatigue.


3)Changes in brain waves.

EEG can be divided into a total of five categories: gamma waves (fast EEG) when nervous, delta waves when sleeping sound, and alpha waves during RAM sleep.

Delta group.

~3.5 / EEG from deep sleep or coma. / The less awakening you are, the more delta waves increase.


3.5~7 Brain waves that come out when you recall or focus on your memory. / Many neurons that speak in sync are associated.

Alpha wave.

8~12 / When resting, brain waves from the occipital lobe. / It weakens in sleep and large-scale neurons ignite synchronously.


13~30 / EEG related to brain activity when awakening and concentrating. / Related to pathological phenomena and drug effects / Symmetrically distributed on both sides of the brain.

Gamma wave.

31~50 / EEG to help exchange information between cortex and subcortical regions. /

Conscious awakening and REM appears when you’re dreaming.  It can also overlap with beta waves. 병원광고


For Sleeping improvement….

So far, we’ve only talked about three things about why insomnia occurs and what products can help through the process of Sleeping improvement.

​However, insomnia cannot be cured solely with nutritional supplements and health functional foods.

​It is even more important to eat enough high-quality nutrients through healthy food and find your own way to relieve stress.


Marketing is not a product

It’s a battle of perception: the law of perception.

People who sell my products think that their products are the best through research and that the best products eventually win the market. But this is their biggest illusion.

​There is no objective reality.

There is no best product either.

Only ‘recognition’ in consumers’ memories exists.

Proper brand marketing is possible by abandoning the false premise that the product is the key to marketing and success or failure is determined by the advantage of the product, and by studying the process perceived in a person’s mind, matching the focus of the marketing program in that perception.

​But it’s really hard to change the minds of consumers. This is because consumers tend to think that their perceptions are rarely wrong.

​If marketing is determined by the performance of the product, cars that sell well in the United States should sell equally well in Japan.

However, even for the same Japanese car, the sales rankings are Toyota-Nisan-Honda in Japan, while Honda-Toyota-NISSAN in the United States shows that people in the two countries have different perceptions of automobile brands.

​In Japan, Honda is recognized as a motorcycle manufacturer rather than a car.


Marketing isn’t about products.

It’s a battle of perception.

​Marketing deals with that perception.

It is a series of processes.


Plant a word in a consumer’s memory and own it: the law of concentration

In other words, it is also called the law of sacrifice.

​For example, FedEx boldly sacrificed its product line and focused solely on “night delivery.” Come to think of it, Coupang is also a representative example of success by focusing on delivery, such as Rocket Delivery, Wow Delivery, and Regular Delivery.

​The brand name of the product that became the leader is commonly used as a common noun representing the area.

In other words, it’s represented by IBM= Computer, Coca-Cola=Cola, Xerox=Copy.

What if you miss the leader position?

​If you haven’t become a leader, you have to narrow down and focus.

The important thing is to “plant a word and own it” in the consumer’s mind.

​You shouldn’t give up words you own just because words owned by other people or brands look good.

​As a representative example, Atari, who used to be a video game = Atari, said he wanted to bring a “computer” with his company’s words.

​So I tried to abandon the video game and take over the computer but failed and Nintendo, which succeeded in brand marketing with the video game, took it. WOW!!!


​Narrowing the focus.

In other words, if we reduce the radius of activity, we can be strong. If you try to follow everything, you can never be a representative of one. In other words, even if it is my narrow field, it must be brand marketing within it.

Branding with the opposite supporter!

​If you narrow your focus to quality or ideas without opposition, you can never put yourself forward honestly. Also, I have to make other people use the words I made.​

And you have to put strength on that word.

There’s only one powerful word.

You have to focus.


Two companies cannot own words planted in the consumer’s mind at the same time: the law of monopoly.


It is not helpful for competitors to try to own the words and status they have already planted in the minds of consumers. This is because once a person’s mind is decided, it is difficult for anyone to change it.

​Therefore, it is important to recognize and monopolize my company and my own words through brand marketing. If you do marketing to make the words that other companies already have mine, you’ll only end up doing “good things for others.”^^

​What comes to your mind when you think of Duracell? The concept of “long-lasting batteries” was imprinted in consumers’ perceptions. No matter how hard the energizer tries, it can never bring about the perception that it is “long-lasting.”

​Therefore, what consumers ultimately want is something that can be identified and solved! That’s the concept that companies have to stick to.

​Duracell’s choice of concept was “long-lasting” because the “biggest problem when using batteries” was the battery going out at the critical moment.

So, I hope that you guys

The customers who are using my products…

What makes you most uncomfortable?

After researching and finding out about this, you can do brand marketing focusing on solving it.

Focusing on customers is the key to marketing.


Laws of marketing invariance.

Marketing invariance

Customers are no longer passive in responding to corporate advertising or strategies but have become influential in actively engaging in all activities such as planning, production, and marketing for consumption they want.

​Marketing is not a product itself, but a fight against the ‘recognition’ of the product. Therefore, marketing is the process of dealing with that perception.

​A valid marketing program is in harmony with some fundamental power that governs the market situation. Therefore, this book talks about marketing immutable laws discovered in the process of studying marketing principles and problems for decades.

​Today, we’re going to talk about marketing immutable laws 1~3.

I’ll briefly organize it.


1. Rather than being better, the first: The Law of Leadership

By being a leader in that area, the first brand shows that we need to “make our products for the first time” rather than “make themselves.

​For me, who was only thinking about how to make my product better and better than my competitors… It’s a fresh shock.^^

​If you become a latecomer who started late, let’s make it better because it’s already wrong to catch the first time. It’s common to think that, but the first law of marketing, made me reverse my thoughts.

​Come to think of it, Coca-Cola, Scotch tape, aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, Heineken, IBM all… It was the first time and that name became a common noun representing that field.

​In other words, the secret to success is to enter the consumer’s heart first!

2. What if it can’t be the first? Pioneering a new realm : the law of categories marketing invariance

According to the first law of marketing invariance, it can’t be remembered unless it’s the first… I can’t help but despair.

​Fortunately, however, the second law talks about pioneering new areas through the laws of categories. Haha

​Even if I’m not the first one on the floor I want to do, I’m looking for a new area where I can be the first. Haha

​There are many ways to be the first. Examples include Amelia, the first woman across the Atlantic Ocean, and Dell, the first company to sell computers over the phone in the personal computer market, and it’s refreshing to suggest the category that she sold computers over the phone for the first time.^^

​Wouldn’t categories be depending on how you make it? You can see

​If you’re the first to be in such a new area, then it’s the step of growing that area. If you pioneer a new area, you don’t have to explain why you have to buy your brand because you don’t have a competitor, you just have to grow that area.

3. Being the first in memory rather than being the first in the market: Law of memory

Being the first in memory, this is all about marketing.

​If you want to impress someone’s mind, you shouldn’t try to get closer to that person’s mind little by little for a long time and build a good feeling. You have to dig into the other person’s heart like a gust of wind.

​This is because people tend not to change their once-recognized memories. Therefore, as long as there is an existing perception, you cannot dig into the memory slowly.

​If you recognized me in any way, that’s it! Hahaha

​One of the marketing mysteries is money because there is a mystery that a small amount of money can cause a huge miracle and sink even if you pour millions of dollars.

​If flexible thinking is possible, you can achieve big things with a small amount of money. As a way to get into consumers’ memories, Apple chose a “simple and good name to remember.”

​I will think about various ways to remember the customer from today.