What Is a Business Item?

What Is a Business Item?

A business item is a good, service or intangible object that a seller offers for sale to a buyer. It has tangible attributes (such as the toothbrush that a dentist sells) and intangible attributes (such as the idea that using it will improve oral health). It also has a price, associated cost centers and income account for use in invoicing and accounting transactions.

Business products are used in a company’s production process or as operating supplies. They include installations; accessory equipment; raw materials, component parts and processed materials; maintenance, repair and operating supplies; and other business products. Durable business products, such as conveyor systems and machine tools, are often referred to as capital items. Nondurable business products, such as office supplies and furniture, are often referred to as expense items.

Determining the type of business product a business uses requires careful analysis of company goals and strategies. For example, a new technology may be a business product that helps a business reduce costs or increase sales. It may also provide a competitive advantage to the business that introduces it.

Unlike consumer goods, which are classified as convenience, shopping and specialty goods based on the demographics and buying habits of consumers, business products are classified based on how they are used. For example, a computer is a business product for a software company but a tool for an Olympic athlete who wants to do better in the high jump.창업아이템

In addition to the six types of business products, there are a number of other classifications for specific items. These classifications allow businesses to track and manage inventory and other assets more accurately. They also provide useful information for planning, forecasting and reporting.창업아이템

A company can set up different item categories to meet the requirements of different sales documents. For example, the system can determine the item category for a text or value item in an inquiry, quotation and sales order differently. It can even determine the item category for a standard item in an order that is not related to a delivery document.

Depending on the configuration, a sales document-relevant item category may also be determined for an individual business product. For example, if the sales document-relevant item category for an inquiry item is AFN or TAN, the system can decide whether the material is relevant for a delivery or not. It can also determine whether the item is a special case, which means that it is either an unprocessed or processed material and not a catalog item.후토마끼창업

The final type of non-inventory item, the dropshipped item, is an example of a business product that a company doesn’t own or have any physical control over. It could be a custom-designed bathtub for a client or the 30 desk chairs a contractor buys for a corporate customer’s new office. It’s not necessary for a company to track how many 2-inch wood screws are left in the supply closet, but it does make sense to know that there aren’t enough of them to finish the job.