Four things about orthopedic marketing

Please remember four things about orthopedic marketing.

“The director here is good at medical treatment.”
“Your experience is incredible.”

The above statement is what patients say the most when they are recommended to a hospital by an acquaintance or when judging where they want to go.
Of course, there will be no one who wants to go to an inexperienced and poor hospital for treatment.
I’m looking for it to improve my discomfort.

However, hospitals with such words on their online media are now so common that people will not simply trust that word and visit the hospital.
Then, what kind of orthopedic promotion marketing will patients see to decide on their visit?
The most important thing is to take the hospital’s branding and appropriate position before the orthopedic promotion.

1. Mission – The reason why the brand exists and the grounds for representing it.
2. Differentiation. – Differentiation and strengths from other brands.
3. Culture – It’s not just a brand product. It’s a settled culture.
4. Contents from the patient’s point of view – Contents that can be represented from the patient’s point of view, not from the director’s point of view.

Popular hospitals don’t just focus on promoting orthopedics.
Our ad results have learned something for sure through numerous orthopedic promotional marketing.
In the case of popular hospitals, they are not simply focusing on promoting orthopedics.

This is not just for orthopedics, but for all other medical subjects.
To not simply focus on orthopedic promotion marketing is to invest money and leave it to any company, “Our hospital is good at treatment, and the director has a career of ~.” It refers to exposing advertisements such as “Make sure to visit the hospital” to the top.

Then, you may be curious about what part you focus on four things about orthopedic marketing

1. Mission

Hospitals that are good at promoting orthopedics have a different sense of mission than other hospitals.
Instead of simply promoting, advertisements are executed with grounds to represent why they exist and how they were made based on the philosophy of the hospital.

2. Differentiation

It also has differentiation and strengths from other hospitals.
As I said earlier, the experiences of the directors of all hospitals are similar these days.

It is common because most orthopedic surgery promotion is underway.
Therefore, to survive in the branding market, it is necessary to emphasize the differences and strengths that only the hospital has.

3. Culture

This refers to the culture of service and customer service.
The directors will also visit the hospital when they and their families are sick.
Each hospital has a different culture that you can feel then.
In some places, the staff who answer the phone is unfriendly and vice versa. There is also a clear difference in the services provided by the hospital.

Four things about orthopedic marketing

In the case of unkind hospitals, there are inevitably few patients. This is because orthopedic surgeons are distributed nationwide enough to be found by moving a radius of 100m 병원마케팅전문
Therefore, to survive in many hospitals, it is necessary to establish a culture such as education and services for internal employees.

4. Contents for patients

If you look for the promotion of orthopedic surgery conducted by other hospitals, it will be mostly similar.
As I said earlier, “Our hospital is the best.” “Our hospital director is the best.”
Did the patients click on it because they wanted to read it?

Patients wonder about the inconvenience they are feeling, whether it is a hospital that can improve it, and what kind of treatment they provide.
That’s why we need to create content for patients that can meet this.

Perhaps the directors who have seen these four things may think, “Isn’t that obvious?” or “Can you do it alone without investing in orthopedic promotion marketing?”
Of course, we also think that the director can do enough.
However, the director has to focus on hospital operation and treatment, so I think we can help in this area.

All you have to do is treat the director.
After requesting some data, we will help you execute the advertisement.

Please contact us anytime If you want to ask about four things about orthopedic marketing 병원광고