How to Build Muscle Like a Workout Model

How to Build Muscle Like a Workout Model

While men tend to get huge muscles, women cannot. The reason is simple: women do not produce as much testosterone as men do. They should focus on small, lean muscles and perform only one to three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions for eight to twelve major muscle groups. Models should alternate days of the week for each major muscle group. In addition to these workouts, they should also include cardiovascular exercises like running and cycling. Here are some tips to help your workout model achieve her dream body.

Lais Ribeiro

You might be wondering if Lais Ribeiro is a workout girl. The Brazilian model has quite a following on social media. She has 104 thousand Twitter followers and posts work related and personal pictures on her profile. She also tweets about her favorite topics. Lais Ribeiro’s Instagram account has 2.1 million followers. The model posts pictures of her favorite workouts, including cardio and strength training. She also takes part in a few fitness classes each week.

Michelle Lewin

The workout-crazed bodybuilder, fitness model, and IFBB competitor, Michelle Lewin, has a great deal of fame. She’s won numerous bodybuilding competitions, has been featured on countless music videos, and even has her own social media channel. Michelle Lewin began her modeling career at an early age, but soon realized there was more to being a model than just being on a catwalk. She soon started to work out in the gym, where she realized her true potential. Today, she’s an icon on social media, thanks to her incredible physique and dedication to bodybuilding.

Jen Selter

Although she’s not a professional fitness model, Jen Selter is a big name in the fitness industry. She has been featured in fitness magazines and TV shows, and was named the 82nd most desirable woman by AskMen. Selter started working out at the age of fifteen, but she wasn’t interested in being a model or workout fanatic. Before becoming a fitness model, she was a computer geek who worked at a gym. Now, she’s one of the most popular workout models and is referred to as “The Queen of Booty.”

Sommer Ray

Since her emergence on the fitness scene, Sommer Ray has managed to gain a significant number of fans. Her Instagram posts have garnered more than 19 million followers, making her the 33rd most followed person on the social media website. Initially, Ray began her career by making Vine videos with her mum. Her enviable figure and commitment to rigorous workouts propelled her to a huge following. The fitness star often posts inspiring quotes and updates about her personal life on her social media pages.

Lyuda Bouzinova

The workout model’s mission is to help others achieve their fitness goals. The program is created by Lyuda Bouzinova and comes with guidance and support from a certified trainer. While supermodels spend a lot of time and energy ensuring their bodies look their best, they also invest a lot of time and effort into exercising and staying healthy. After all, they’re highly trained athletes as well.