Laws of marketing invariance.

Marketing invariance

Customers are no longer passive in responding to corporate advertising or strategies but have become influential in actively engaging in all activities such as planning, production, and marketing for consumption they want.

​Marketing is not a product itself, but a fight against the ‘recognition’ of the product. Therefore, marketing is the process of dealing with that perception.

​A valid marketing program is in harmony with some fundamental power that governs the market situation. Therefore, this book talks about marketing immutable laws discovered in the process of studying marketing principles and problems for decades.

​Today, we’re going to talk about marketing immutable laws 1~3.

I’ll briefly organize it.


1. Rather than being better, the first: The Law of Leadership

By being a leader in that area, the first brand shows that we need to “make our products for the first time” rather than “make themselves.

​For me, who was only thinking about how to make my product better and better than my competitors… It’s a fresh shock.^^

​If you become a latecomer who started late, let’s make it better because it’s already wrong to catch the first time. It’s common to think that, but the first law of marketing, made me reverse my thoughts.

​Come to think of it, Coca-Cola, Scotch tape, aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, Heineken, IBM all… It was the first time and that name became a common noun representing that field.

​In other words, the secret to success is to enter the consumer’s heart first!

2. What if it can’t be the first? Pioneering a new realm : the law of categories marketing invariance

According to the first law of marketing invariance, it can’t be remembered unless it’s the first… I can’t help but despair.

​Fortunately, however, the second law talks about pioneering new areas through the laws of categories. Haha

​Even if I’m not the first one on the floor I want to do, I’m looking for a new area where I can be the first. Haha

​There are many ways to be the first. Examples include Amelia, the first woman across the Atlantic Ocean, and Dell, the first company to sell computers over the phone in the personal computer market, and it’s refreshing to suggest the category that she sold computers over the phone for the first time.^^

​Wouldn’t categories be depending on how you make it? You can see

​If you’re the first to be in such a new area, then it’s the step of growing that area. If you pioneer a new area, you don’t have to explain why you have to buy your brand because you don’t have a competitor, you just have to grow that area.

3. Being the first in memory rather than being the first in the market: Law of memory

Being the first in memory, this is all about marketing.

​If you want to impress someone’s mind, you shouldn’t try to get closer to that person’s mind little by little for a long time and build a good feeling. You have to dig into the other person’s heart like a gust of wind.

​This is because people tend not to change their once-recognized memories. Therefore, as long as there is an existing perception, you cannot dig into the memory slowly.

​If you recognized me in any way, that’s it! Hahaha

​One of the marketing mysteries is money because there is a mystery that a small amount of money can cause a huge miracle and sink even if you pour millions of dollars.

​If flexible thinking is possible, you can achieve big things with a small amount of money. As a way to get into consumers’ memories, Apple chose a “simple and good name to remember.”

​I will think about various ways to remember the customer from today.