Marketing is not a product

It’s a battle of perception: the law of perception.

People who sell my products think that their products are the best through research and that the best products eventually win the market. But this is their biggest illusion.

​There is no objective reality.

There is no best product either.

Only ‘recognition’ in consumers’ memories exists.

Proper brand marketing is possible by abandoning the false premise that the product is the key to marketing and success or failure is determined by the advantage of the product, and by studying the process perceived in a person’s mind, matching the focus of the marketing program in that perception.

​But it’s really hard to change the minds of consumers. This is because consumers tend to think that their perceptions are rarely wrong.

​If marketing is determined by the performance of the product, cars that sell well in the United States should sell equally well in Japan.

However, even for the same Japanese car, the sales rankings are Toyota-Nisan-Honda in Japan, while Honda-Toyota-NISSAN in the United States shows that people in the two countries have different perceptions of automobile brands.

​In Japan, Honda is recognized as a motorcycle manufacturer rather than a car.


Marketing isn’t about products.

It’s a battle of perception.

​Marketing deals with that perception.

It is a series of processes. 병원마케팅


Plant a word in a consumer’s memory and own it: the law of concentration

In other words, it is also called the law of sacrifice.

​For example, FedEx boldly sacrificed its product line and focused solely on “night delivery.” Come to think of it, Coupang is also a representative example of success by focusing on delivery, such as Rocket Delivery, Wow Delivery, and Regular Delivery.

​The brand name of the product that became the leader is commonly used as a common noun representing the area.

In other words, it’s represented by IBM= Computer, Coca-Cola=Cola, Xerox=Copy.

What if you miss the leader position?

​If you haven’t become a leader, you have to narrow down and focus.

The important thing is to “plant a word and own it” in the consumer’s mind.

​You shouldn’t give up words you own just because words owned by other people or brands look good.

​As a representative example, Atari, who used to be a video game = Atari, said he wanted to bring a “computer” with his company’s words.

​So I tried to abandon the video game and take over the computer but failed and Nintendo, which succeeded in brand marketing with the video game, took it. WOW!!!


​Narrowing the focus.

In other words, if we reduce the radius of activity, we can be strong. If you try to follow everything, you can never be a representative of one. In other words, even if it is my narrow field, it must be brand marketing within it.

Branding with the opposite supporter!

​If you narrow your focus to quality or ideas without opposition, you can never put yourself forward honestly. Also, I have to make other people use the words I made.​

And you have to put strength on that word.

There’s only one powerful word.

You have to focus.


Two companies cannot own words planted in the consumer’s mind at the same time: the law of monopoly.


It is not helpful for competitors to try to own the words and status they have already planted in the minds of consumers. This is because once a person’s mind is decided, it is difficult for anyone to change it.

​Therefore, it is important to recognize and monopolize my company and my own words through brand marketing. If you do marketing to make the words that other companies already have mine, you’ll only end up doing “good things for others.”^^

​What comes to your mind when you think of Duracell? The concept of “long-lasting batteries” was imprinted in consumers’ perceptions. No matter how hard the energizer tries, it can never bring about the perception that it is “long-lasting.”

​Therefore, what consumers ultimately want is something that can be identified and solved! That’s the concept that companies have to stick to.

​Duracell’s choice of concept was “long-lasting” because the “biggest problem when using batteries” was the battery going out at the critical moment.

So, I hope that you guys

The customers who are using my products…

What makes you most uncomfortable?

After researching and finding out about this, you can do brand marketing focusing on solving it.

Focusing on customers is the key to marketing.