What to Do If You Have a Nodule on the Wrist

What to Do If You Have a Nodule on the Wrist


a nodule on the wrist

Occasionally, a lump on the wrist can cause pain and discomfort. This condition is usually noncancerous, but a small number of cases may require surgery to remove the mass. If you have a new lump, you should contact your doctor.

During your visit, your physician will perform a physical exam to determine the type of lump you have. He or she will also inquire about your medical history and ask you if you have experienced any symptoms. The doctor will also check the lump for changes. He or she will then decide how to treat the lump. 손목결절종 수술

If you have a ganglion cyst, your doctor may recommend a surgical procedure to remove the lump. A ganglion cyst is a noncancerous growth that appears as a small pea-sized bump under the skin. They are filled with a slippery jelly-like fluid and can range in size, from tiny to large. When the fluid in the cyst gets inflamed, the swelling can cause redness and a stinging sensation.

Your doctor will likely prescribe some medication to help manage your symptoms. These medications can include corticosteroids, which reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. Other drugs used to help with gout pain include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. You may also be prescribed biologicals, which are compounds that act as a biological response modifier. These medications can slow or stop the development of RA or prevent joint deformity.

Another common cause of a lump on the wrist is a ganglion cyst. These cysts often develop on the palm side of the hand, but they can also appear on the back of the wrist. Your doctor will probably want to perform an x-ray to check for problems with other joints in the area. Your doctor may also suggest immobilizing your wrist. Depending on the condition, the doctor may need to drain the fluid in the lump. A needle biopsy is another procedure that can confirm the diagnosis.

The most common type of wrist tumor is a benign cyst. These cysts often grow slowly and are usually a slowly growing firm mass. They do not cause problems with function. However, they can become infected. 손목결절종수술

The second most common type of hand tumor is a giant cell tumor of the tendon sheath. This type of tumor is slow-growing and tends to remain the same size over time. They are usually found in the skin or soft tissues, and may begin as a red scaly lesion or a solid tumor.

If you have a painful lump on the wrist, you should consult your doctor immediately. A wrist lump that does not respond to treatment can worsen, so it is important to get it diagnosed as soon as possible.

Other causes of a lump on the wrist can be arthritis or a ganglion cyst. These conditions can cause a hard, rigid lump on the wrist that limits the range of motion. They can be treated with corticosteroids to help reduce the pain and inflammation, and icing can relieve pain. Keeping hydrated is another way to prevent flares.