PM Juice

How to drink PM juice.


Before I learn how to drink PM juice,

I should buy PM juice first, right?

You have to sign up to become the cheapest member. Please remember that you will be able to see it! In the case of  Special members, only the consumers… You can order it, so make sure to!  I recommend that you join as a team partner. 피엠쥬스

How to drink PM juice.


The notice regarding the purchase of PM Juice. Now that I’ve checked it out, Let me introduce how to drink juice.

As PM Juice’s popularity grows, If you’re curious about how to eat it, I think there are a lot of people.

First of all, about the Auto-ship…

I’ll explain it to you.~

What is PM juice Autoship?

Autoship is about power cocktails and restorations. After promising to eat for 3 months, I’m going to get a 10% discount and make it cheaper.

You can buy the product at a reasonable price. If you buy it through Autoship, You can use the product for 120,000 won!

The reason why 3 months is important is that…

For cells to change, It’s because you need about three months. That’s why the auto-ship period is 3 months!

When it comes to how to drink PM juice, It’s 6,500 won cheaper for 3 months. The way to eat it is through Autoship. 3 months’ worth of products will arrive in the first month of purchase. Only one auto-ship per person.

I hope it will have a faster effect.

If there are people who want it, I added 3 bottles of Activize to Autoship. With the auto-ship configuration, let’s move on to Activize.

I recommend eating a whole bottle a month. For those who only took Autoship, For those who ate extra activities, There’s a big difference when you compare it! The most effective way to drink PM juice is…

I think it’s the most basic power cocktail. I think it’s a combination of restorations.

pm juice

PM Juice Power cocktail

It’s good to eat as a substitute for breakfast. Power Cocktail is an all-in-one product. On a busy morning, I’m going to eat a lot of nutrients

Digestive enzymes, dietary fiber, and lactobacillus. You can eat it all at once. You can put 1 packet in 200ml of water. Vitamin A/C/E and B. 10 types of fiber. It’s a nutritious product with back in it.~


For dinner and before going to bed, the restorative… It’s rich in minerals, calcium, and magnesium. It’s good for detox, diet, and good night’s

You can mix it with 40ml of water. If you eat it while holding it in your mouth, even your teeth… It’s a product that can help you!


Activize, which you can eat frequently on an empty stomach, Power cocktail, or lukewarm water. It’s good to mix 2 or 3 spoons. It may have a niacin-plash effect.

Today, I’m going to talk about how to drink PM juice. We took a closer look. Based on the combinations and methods I taught you,

I recommend that you try eating it.

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